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ILLIUM by Sandra Soulos is a boutique only designer label created by respected Australian Designer Sandra Soulos.  Sandra has a fashionable history steeped in design, with clothing being her life-long passion. As a young child she had already chosen the path of her career and endlessly filled books with her designs. After studying Dress Design in Sydney she hit the ground running and her services were eagerly sought by Australia's leading fashion houses, all wanting to gain from her enormous commercial appeal. Her designs have sold in top Department Stores in the United States . 

Now at the helm of her own bespoke brand,  Sandra's passion for her work continues to thrive and she is committed as always to creating clothes that women love to wear.​


Her devout clientele are reassured with consistent  fit and unique, elegant designs.
Far from being disposable fashion , Sandra’s  beautifully-cut dresses and co-ordinates are simultaneously modern and classic and are proudly made here in Australia.

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