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Based in the beachside town of Noosa, Queensland, Costa Vita Purolino prides its relaxed, coastal looks featuring natural fibres for your holidays and beyond. Designed locally, fabricated with 100% Italian linen, made in Italy, Costa Vita Purolino has full transparency to be honest to our people and the planet.

Proudly using the traditional artisanal methods of Italian manufacturing of flax - from the weaving of fibres into yarn, to the final product, Costa Vita Purolino honours the heritage of Italian linen manufacturing, making garments that can be worn for decades.


Regarded in Europe as the best quality fabric, linen is both durable and sustainable. The more you wash linen the softer it gets and its open weaves let the skin breathe, making investment pieces ideal fabric for the Australian climate. Costa Vita Purolino essentials range available year-round, suit the busy, confident lady who is looking for timeless classics and effortless comfort. They add monthly additions featuring trending styles and prints so our ladies can continue to mix and match with ease.

Proudly Australian owned.

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