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Black Caviar Designs is a family run business based in Sydney, Australia. It began as a bags and accessories wholesaler in the early 2000's and became 'Black Caviar Designs' in 2012. Since then Black Caviar Designs has grown into a flourishing brand, with hundreds of stockists all over Australia and a few internationally, with more coming soon.

Anthony & Sonia’s Black Caviar Designs' humble journey began out of necessity. They feel extremely fortunate to have made so many friendships along the way, and have met people who share their same love, passions and personal values.  Anthony and Sonia’s business goals are about all whom they come in contact with, wishing success and prosperity for all.  

They feel delighted to provide a range of products that are excitingly strong, bold and tenacious, giving women the sense of empowerment, reinforcing the importance and worthiness of all women.

Black Caviar Designs prides itself on producing high quality, original products made from premium materials. Black Caviar Designs also acknowledges the growing demand for sustainable products, in response to this they have a range of vegan leather, the leather alternative is of premium quality and offers durability, affordability, light weight, low maintenance and versatility.


With new styles constantly in the making Black Caviar Designs stays abreast with new trends while maintaining a chic and classic aesthetic.

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